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Mount louis vuitton outlet Athos has been an Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054 and has enjoyed an autonomous status since Byzantine times. Today, the “Holy Mountain” is still a major centre of the Christian religion with over 20 louis vuitton outlet online large, occupied and active monasteries, louis vuitton outlet store which according to UNESCO are considered to have outstanding universal value. Peerless artworks of inestimable religious, spiritual and historical importance have been guarded by the monasteries for several centuries. Among them, important textiles authentic louis vuitton outlet can be found which have been barely studied.

In the project a multi-disciplinary approach will be employed to study several textile works from the Monastery of Simonos Petra of Mount Athos. The goals of the project are summarized as follows.

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Stylistic and historical investigation

A detailed stylistic examination of the selected artworks will be performed. louis vuitton factory outlet Patterns and methods of construction will be recorded and compared with corresponding data found in other textiles (either Ottoman or Western textiles) and from different historical periods (historical study). louis vuitton outlet usa

Clarification of the origin of the dyes contained in the textiles

The biological sources of the dyestuffs used for during dyeing of post-Byzantine louis vuitton outlet sale textiles from Mount Athos (including textiles from the monastery of Simonos Petra) are to a large extent unknown. Knowledge is mainly based on tradition rather than scientific evidence. A multi-analytical approach will be followed to perform the chemical investigations.


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The achievement of the previous two objectives will lead to the detailed documentation of the artworks through an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach. The assessment of the origin of the raw materials (e.g. dyestuffs), the clarification of the history of the cheap louis vuitton outlet artworks (mainly through the stylistic studies as historical documents are not available) and the elucidation of the religious, historic and social meanings which are hidden behind the symbols of the artworks will provide the basis to understand the art of these objects.

Preventive conservation

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Ethics in the preservation of cultural artefacts following conservation, restoration or preventive conservation treatments can be a complicated subject as each object treatment is unique and recipes or strict guidelines cannot be used. There will be always different risks to consider when any object is going to be treated, and assessing these risks is a daily task for a preventive conservator. Whether an ecclesiastical garment or a fabric is requested to go on loan outside Mount Athos, cheap louis vuitton handbags outlet or to be handled by the brotherhood or the researchers, there are many issues to consider and what may be right for one object may not be acceptable for another. Results from the current survey point out the need to prioritise preventive rather than interventive conservation.